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You Develop – We Build

You bring the buildable land, we put the buildings on it. If you are a developer or an investor interested in partnering with Fire Age Homes, LLC let us know. We have the resources and expertise available to help the experienced developer as well as the novice to invest in land and get it ready for building homes, apartments or condos.

Our mission is to create housing for all. We know the realities of the real estate market today and know that the cost of development and construction has skyrocketed. We also know that service people have no place to live and would like to be able to have that starter home that is just not available in Colorado or most of the western United States. Our goal is to be able to build smaller footprint single family starter homes in areas that need them the most.

The biggest challenges right now in Colorado is the lack of buildable lots with infrastructure and restrictive zoning. There are several areas in Colorado that do not have minimum square footages or minimum lot sizes. Even if they exist, they can be overcome be creating a Planned Unit Development. With our smaller lot size requirements, you get more lots per acre, and we are able to provide more people with much-needed housing.

Contact us if you are a developer or an investor interested in real estate development.

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